Monday, September 29, 2008


stands for Reactive Airway Disease, which is Scarlet's official diagnosis. I am writing this update from the parent's lounge at St. Joe's Oakland, and I am frustrated and disappointed and angry. Scarlet is her usual happy self, if you can believe it. We went to the doctor this afternoon because she was wheezing so badly, and I knew in the pit of my stomach that we would end up here tonight. I hope that we can go home tomorrow, and it looks likely. Her oxygen levels were 94, and then they went up when we got here, and now they are down again. It stinks, but I am glad we are able to provide care for her. She will see a specialist tomorrow, the same doctor my boys saw when they went through the very same thing and who they still see to this day. Slade had a check up just last Wednesday. I trust him and he has always been so good with my kids. It looks like the third time was not the charm we had hoped, but Scarlet herself is a treasure who is very much worth the time sitting here and worrying. We love her so much. We covet your prayers.

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