Friday, June 13, 2008

Not for the faint of heart....

My sister, Emily, has been coming each week to my house and spending the night with my family for a night (or two) since the baby has arrived. This is in part to be with Scarlet and get to know her, but also to see the other shorties, see me, and worst of all, get in as much time as she can before she marries Josh next month and they head off to Cleveland (TN) to start their new life together. Words cannot express the ache my heart feels at this reality. More on that later.
So, back to the present...tonight after Stefan got home (late) we wanted to go to Coldstone and get ice cream. The kids were all in bed, we had 15 minutes before closing time. We had already tried to go to Dairy Queen with the kids after our after dinner walk, but DQ was CLOSED because of the power issues. The boys had superhero popsicles instead, and we decided the grown-ups would have grown-up ice cream later on. Of course, we were behind the SLOWEST individuals on the planet all the way there, and we pulled up at 9:58, and they had already turned the lights off and locked the door. So, we decided to go to Culver's (yummy)for their custard, but as we pulled up there, they were shutting down. We thought they might still be open because people were still enjoying their ice cream at the outside tables, there were people in the parking lot, and lots of cars. As we were making a turn in the parking lot to leave, we see this little boy, I would estimate 3-4 years old, since I have one of those myself, with his pants all the way down, his bum lighting up the night, POOPING on the sidewalk. You might think his parents were not watching or something, but NO, they were right there with him on the sidewalk while he pooped on the ground, wiping his bum with little paper napkins and THROWING them on the ground. Remember the people on the patio still enjoying the ice cream? Not even 5 yards away. This did not look like an emergency situation, if you know what I mean (ie...full formed waste, not runny, and a nice little pile of it). The parents were very calmly standing there with him while he did his business, no shame, no idea, it seemed, that this is NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE! So, I went through the drive through and told the lady at the window that they should really know that there was a little kid contaminating their sidewalk in the front, and they might check it out. The poor woman said, "I'll send my manager." By the way, we decided against the ice cream.

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