Friday, June 13, 2008


Over the last week, we had some powerful storms in southeastern Michigan. In fact, my family is lucky because in all the communities that surround us, there was terrible damage. Even in our town, things were badly hit by the weather, but our little corner was protected. Our backyard is filled with trees that are easily 75 feet tall, and in all that wind and rain, not one thing happened to us (we were in the pool when it started) or our home. We are thankful! You can read about it here or here.

Anyway, Spencer's last day of school is tomorrow, BUT his school has not had power all week long, so he spent the long days with me, and because I was not yet ready for summer, it was hard, I won't lie. I have had Scarlet to myself for two days per week while Spencer is in 1st grade and Slade is at preschool. I knew this was our last week of girl time, and that was fine, but mentally I wasn't ready for it to end early! Neither was Spencer, and he had a hard time adjusting to the days at home, and sweet thing, he was really bummed because his class was going to the computer lab and they were going to "get to do whatever they wanted, not just the typing stuff!"

Don't get me wrong....I love being around my kids, but you know how when you have to readjust to a new way of thinking or a new pattern? I have to prepare myself for that, and this week I was thrust into it with no warning, and I didn't have anything planned except a lot of running around that I was going to do while the boys were in school so they didn't have to suffer through. Guess what? They suffered through. Here's to summer!

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