Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well, that is what we have been having....just days. Actually, we have done a lot. Stefan and I went to Mackinac Island for three days for a much needed break from the everyday routine. We had a great time, and after staying a few hours in a craphole of a hotel (Pine Cottage) on the Island...see below, we finished our stay at the beautiful Chippewa on the Watefront. I am sure I don't need to go into detail about how much better the second hotel was. You can tell for yourself by the pictures!

This was the view from our second hotel room...beautiful!

On Sunday, we took all of our kids to see the movie, "Wall-E".

It was really great, and I would highly recommend that you spend the bucks and take your kids or yourselves to see the movie. Spencer just loved it, and Slade does the BEST imitation of how Wall-E says his name. It's really cute.

On Monday, I spent the afternoon at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, the hospital where my Scarlet was born, because my good friend, Amy, was induced to give birth to her third baby, Dylan Edward. I will spare you all the details, but he was born on Tuesday, July 1, after a long labor in which his poor mother had no pain relief whatsoever. Please pray for him because he is still at the hospital and all of his family is at home without him.

Tuesday, I got to watch my sweet nephew, Carter Kenneth for the afternoon.

The boys were very excited about this! That evening, we went to the Rochester Fireworks. In my opinion, those are the best around, and we go every year. This year we went with my aunt and uncle, Sandy and Jim, and my grandparents, Burnis and Jo. We had fun, and you won't believe it, but Scarlet SLEPT through the fireworks! She is just "made to order" as my aunt said on Tuesday. I was completely amazed by this, as well as very thankful!

Wednesday, we planned to go to Stefan's parent's house in Ypsilanti for fireworks over Ford Lake on the boat, but not even 15 minutes after we arrived to eat there, it started pouring and we had one heck of a thunderstorm for hours, literally. So, they were canceled.

Thursday was a girls' day for me and Scarlet as the boys spent the night and today with their grandparents. I so enjoy being with her, but I did some shopping at two of our favorite stores, and I am not sure she appreciated being in her carseat so long; however, she was incredibly patient and gave me lots of smiles.

Be ever so thankful for your freedom******Happy 4th of the July, as my son says!******

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