Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 Years

Today Stefan and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. Stefan has always been thankful that we chose the year 2000 because it's so easy to remember how many years we have been married! Most of the time, I think it has gone so quickly, but when Stefan and I take a minute and think about the good times and bad time and changes that each year has brought, it's evident that we have created a lot of history together.

(I look totally exhuasted in this picture because I had just given birth to a child! ;-)

We live a pretty busy life, and with three kids, you can imagine that there isn't a lot of "down time". We have to work to create that! Basically, we don't have too much time to really focus on one other, but I love the life and home we have created for each other and our children. Sometimes, we reminisce about the free time and the freedom (only 8 months!) we experienced when we were newly married - before the thought and talk and responsibilities of parenthood became a part of our daily experiences. Spencer was born just 17 months after we were married, and of course, during the pregnancy you can't ignore the obvious! We were shocked and then happy that he was on his way, but there was a part of us that wished then that we had a little more time to just "be". Fast forward 9 years, and we can't count the number of times that we have thought and said that we are thankful and blessed and happy that we started our family at a young age.

Stefan - I love you for lots of reasons. Here are a few of the best...
*You are a great dad. Parenthood is a learning curve, for sure, but you have been committed to us and to making our kids good people.
*You are a wonderful provider. You always have been, and you always will be.
*You are my glass half full. This is great because I am always the glass half empty!
*You are honest.
*You have character...even when nobody is looking.
*You are faithful to me.
*You love Jesus, and you aren't afraid to say so.
*You like to have fun and encourage me to try new things (I don't like change...Stefan thrives on it sometimes).
*You make me feel like I am the greatest thing ever.
*You are helpful.
*You listen and try to do differently if something doesn't work out right the first time.

I really could go on and get specific, but Stefan knows just how much I adore him, and this list is just a little sample. I am looking forward to many more years together!

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Jessica D. said...

Great family photo! Happy Anniversary!