Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Friendly Forest was so much fun. Spencer and Slade both seemed a bit apprehensive when they had to approach all the characters, but they got over it pretty quickly; the candy was key! At the end of the trail, cider and donuts were waiting and then a hayride and a hay bale maze, and a picture station. By the time we got there, though, the kids were a bit "pictured out", but we did our best.

The picture below is from Spencer's Taekwon Do testing last night. He was testing for the 6th gup, and if that means nothing to you, it's going from his high yellow belt to his green belt. Basically, that means he still has high green, blue, high blue, red, high red, and then black, finally. We won't get to black for a couple of years! Testing was a LONG time, and the little kids were so good. By the time we got home it was nearly 10, and we left the house at 5:30. Spencer was so nervous, but his favorite part of testing is always the board breaking, which is hard to do, but he broke three boards! Good for you, Spencer!

To finish it all up, here is a picture of Scarlet with Lolly, my baby doll when I was a baby. There is a rattle inside of her, so she loves the sound. No, I wouldn't give her a stuffed doll that was 30+ years old without making sure it was clean! It's actually machine washable and dryable, so we washed it on hot and dried it on hot! She loves it!

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Emily said...

Hey Kris, so glad you have been keeping things up this week. It's so good to hear what the babies have been up to. Their costumes are great. Miss you so much.