Monday, January 26, 2009

You Asked

Some have asked about this post. Please continue to pray, as we are. Stefan was laid off from his job on January 12th, and it was completely unexpected. Stefan is an incredibly hard worker and very good at what he did. It has been a difficult transition for us, me in particular, but that might be just because men don't pour it all out like women tend to do! So, you can modify your prayers a bit by asking the Lord to provide for us in ways we can't even imagine right now. He knows what we need, and it seems like there are so many things I think of adding to the list of possible "what ifs", that it's overwhelming. I have to leave it in His hands and at His feet, or else I might just go crazy, and in some respects, I already thought I was at crazy. I continue to go to work every day, and I do feel an increased amount of stress, among other feelings that seem very huge right now.

On another note, Scarlet's bronchoscopy at Beaumont's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has been scheduled for February 5th. As much as I don't want her to go through this invasive procedure, I know an answer lies on the other side of that test. I claim that angels will surround her while she is undergoing her bronchoscopy, and when she awakes, she will physically be just fine, and we will better know how to help her. Please pray for her physician, Dr. Doshi, as well as the nurses and other medical staff that will be helping her that day. Also, Scarlet was pretty much traumatized by her stay in the hospital, and she just starts screaming and looking terrified when anyone "medical" comes in the room. I don't want her to go to sleep that day scared, so please pray for peace for all of us. I will keep you updated.

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Julie Barb said...

Krista...I will pray for you guys regarding both Stefan's job and Scarlett's procedure. Man, when it rains it have had your share of trials and struggles this year... I suppose it is at these times that we grow closer to God, and like you said, it is in his hands... Thank you for being so open about life's challenges on your blog...I need to be better about that. I often try to paint a rosey picture, when life isn't always that way. Good luck...keep enduring...