Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay, I've kept quiet for a very long time. Here is a SIMPLE grammar lesson we should all understand if we've graduated from high school (actually before that, but I'm being graceful).

To make something plural, just add an -s or -es to the end of the word. Plural means more than one.
For example: The Andersons (there are five of us).
The computer screen (there is just one screen).
DVDs, 1990s
Got it? I hope so.

To make something possessive (as in showing ownership), that's when you get down and dirty with the apostrophes. Yes, even if the noun has an "s" at the end of the word, you just add an 's, unless it's plural already. See the examples below.

Jesus's word (the Bible, if you didn't know)
Krista's family (the family belongs to Krista)
Krista and Stefan's family (the family belongs to both of them; only the last noun
gets the apostrophe!!)
Students' desks (more than one student and more than one desk)
The Andersons' house (the house belongs to the Andersons; there are 5 of us)
The dog's collar (one dog, one collar)
The dogs' collars (more than one dog, more than one collar)
The Hicks Family (Their last name ends in "s"; NO NEED for an apostrophe)

You need an apostrophe for contractions, also. A contraction is two words made into one word. The apostrophe signifies the letter that has been omitted.
Can not = can't
is not = isn't
it is = it's
will not = won't

*** Its is a pronoun which refers to something that is not human (animal or object). It's not always a contraction. It's and its are two different words! You should probably learn the difference if you have a job or want a job.

Now, go fix your blogs.


Emily said...

I love you for this.

Jessica D. said...

I like your new photo.

So sorry you will always be seeing my grammar errors. Paul gets on me all time!! I'm bad and always have been since school. Not to mention I'm the worst speller in the world. Thank God for spell check, except when you spell the word right but use it incorrectly!! eek!

Hope you guys are doing well with the transition of your hubby not working. Praying he finds another job.

Angela said...

Could you be more condescending?

Dyer Family said...

Too funny! I have to tell you this is a pet peeve of mine too. Especially teachers that do it. By the way...there shouldn't be an s after Jesus' word.

Krista said...

Actually, yes, there should be an apostrophe. See the link below. It is actually a choice of personal preference, and for consistency, I choose to maintain, as is correct, that singular nouns ending in s receive an apostrophe s ('s). Thanks for reading!