Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Year

My baby girl is one. I have already blogged about the day of her birth, and there are some days when I can close my eyes, and I am right back there in the flash of an instant. She truly has given us a year of joy, and despite the health difficulties she has experienced, I would not trade a single day with her, easy or rough. Let me be clear about something: I have three children, all of whom I love so deeply that it is hard to fathom there is an end to the depth of it, but the bond I feel with Scarlet is different than the bond I have with my boys. It's not better in any way, but having a daughter makes me, as a mom, a woman, more complete, and it's very difficult to explain. In the same way that I know being the mother of boys makes me parent differently and think differently, parenting a daughter has required more on my part because I can identify with who she may become, understanding her nature is like thinking about myself, and sometimes, it's difficult to explore the inner reaches of your heart and mind.

I never thought I would have more than two kids, even though I wanted more than that, and I didn't really ever consider the idea of mothering a daughter, either. But, here we are, and I am so excited at the possibilities for my girl. Those long-dreamed of days and weekends of hunting and exploring with his boys that Stefan has spoken of so often, most of the time as we lay in the dark, holding hands and talking about our family, are now much brighter for me as I think of the days Scarlet and I will have while they are out having so much fun. I can't wait to have a conversation with her!

Her party was a great success. We decided to invite some of our closest friends, along with family, and we rented a room at one of our local parks. The Lakeview room, aptly named, overlooks a pretty lake, and the big windows let in lots of sunshine. The party's theme was hearts (pink and purple, no less), for no other reason than the fact that I love hearts, and this was my chance to decorate to my "heart's" content before she can demand a Disney Princess of some sort! We ordered food from Chicken King (yum) and Gregg's Gourmet Cafe (yum), and cupcakes from Pete's Oven Bakery (yum), and I made Scarlet's cake (chocolate heart-shaped). She was very blessed tonight in the gift department. Our friends and family went way above and beyond, and she finally has some of her own toys now, as opposed to her brothers' cast-offs (which were just fine, by the way!). Thanks to all of you who lover her and us so much. We love you back.

I will post the wonderful pictures later this week when I get them from my mom and my in-laws, but I wanted to update the blog this evening.


Julie Barb said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Krista! What a special day!

Angela said...

It was such a nice party and the food was yummy. Scarlet is so darling and we love her so much. Hope you have a fantastic week.