Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Diagnosis

I am sitting with a sleeping Scarlet in the pediatric icu right now. Dr. Doshi has just left after showing me pictures of Scarlet's airway. If I can scan them in later, I will because it is unbelievable.

She does have a clear case of bronchomalacia on both sides of her lungs, which if you have been reading for awhile, you will remember that I researched on my own and determined that this was a likely possibility for her based on her symptoms. Again, I am thankful beyond words that the Lord led us to Dr. Doshi and that he took the time to really listen to me in regards to Scarlet's condition.

There is always hope because we consciously serve the one great God who cradles us in the palm of his hand and upholds us before we realize we need Him.

Regardless of the report we learned today, we will continue to walk boldly in the direction of Jesus and trust that Scarlet is loved and protected by her creator more than we love and care for her. That's hard to fathom!

Please continue to pray for her. The next year remains a critical period of time for her particular diagnosis. When we clear the hurdle of this winter, we expect a terrific summer and then we have to make it through the next winter. Scary. After that, her growth should be the cure.


4 Smith's said...

We love you and that sweet girly!! I cannot believe she's almost one!!

Angela said...

Praise God! We love Scarlet and we're praying for a quick recovery.

Jaime said...

New to your page today. Praying for Scarlet.

The Clifton Family said...

We'll be praying. What a mighty God we serve. So grateful you have "answers" and hope :)